Ned Donovan - Journalist in India

Hello, my name is Ned Donovan.

I’m a British journalist and writer based in Delhi. I write mostly about India and the surrounding region for British publications and broadcast networks, but occasionally still do pieces on what’s going on back home or elsewhere.

Currently I cover South Asia, but was previously a news reporter in London where I worked for three years and was nominated for several awards. In the past I have also worked for The Times.

I have appeared many times on BBC Radio and Television current affairs programmes and regularly contribute to Euronews on Indian affairs.

I am available for commission in India or elsewhere, and would be very glad to hear from you and discuss what we could do together. If you haven’t had a chance to read any already, I’ve included below what I think is a decent sample of some of my work.

Foreign Correspondence:

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UK Reporting:

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UK Commentary:

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Writing on Religion:

Archbishop of Chaos [The Catholic Herad]

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